skills development


ATHENA – Interactive Training Network (Pty)Ltd

 offers the market a selection of 

SAQA registered qualifications, 

SETA registered learnerships, 

customised skills programmes 

and empowerment workshops with specific goals in mind.


our focus areas

Large Enterprises (50 Million and above turnovers)

Large Enterprises (50 Million and above turnovers) – We strongly believe this sector to not only be the pillar of our South African economy but paradoxically also our most vulnerable sector currently. The myriad of compliance imperatives contribute collectively to this potential vulnerability. We offer our expertise to assist with the development of  their human capital and optimising their compliance goals.

Rural & Deep-rural Co-operatives

Rural and Deep-Rural Co-operatives – We are currently recruiting and establishing co-operatives in impoverished rural communities so that we can develop community-based sustainable economic hubs that will alleviate the plight of the people. We have ascertained that the reason most co-ops fail is due to a lack of training, specifically in business skills. Our objective is to recruit the entrepreneurs in these communities and give them the training they need while they run their co-ops.


Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises


Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises – ATHENA recognises the need to support, mentor, train and develop the existing SMME sector as a key imperative in the fight to eradicate poverty and unemployment in South Africa. Our efforts will focus on the sustainability and growth of these entrepreneurs in our collective effort to contribute to our economy.


Unemployed Persons

Unemployed individuals – Our goal is to continue to empower unemployed individuals through our learnership interventions by enabling them to gain South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) registered qualifications that are internationally recognised, while simultaneously giving them one year of relevant work experience. The objective is to optimally prepare our unemployed youth to capitalise on any job vacancies that may arise.

Persons With Disabilities

Persons With Disabilities – We have worked since 2003 to change the perception that Persons With Disabilities are incapable of contributing to our country’s mainstream economy. Our objective is to continue providing skills to persons with disabilities via the learnership model as this also enables the staff at host organisations to become sensitised to and aware of the issues surrounding disabilities. As long as we can continue to secure funding we will continue providing these services totally free of charge to the individuals.


 We help corporate executives to understand and embrace the latest legislation so they can make fully informed strategic decisions within their companies. At the same time the executives’ leadership qualities are developed. Our objective is to help drive the development agenda in our country.

Employed Persons

We facilitate the personal and professional growth of our learners who are already employed so that they are able to add significant value to their organisations. With skilled staff, corporate growth is inevitable. The objective is to prepare our employed learners for promotion and progress up the corporate ladder so that their lower level posts become vacant, creating opportunity for the unemployed.


our services

  • Comprehensive education, training and development programmes based on SAQA registered qualifications that are internationally recognised. 
  • Efficient mobile (local and on-site), customised interventions including qualifications, learnerships, skills programmes and workshops. 
  • Full recruitment, implementation, management, facilitation, assessment and moderation  expertise of learnerships, both for employed (18.1) and unemployed (18.2) individuals. 
  • Strategic empowerment workshops to train the corporate-elected committees responsible for Employment Equity, Skills Development, Occupational Health and Safety and BBBEE compliance. 
  • An external Enterprise Development and Supplier Development Unit to assist public and private entities in complying with the amended BBBEE Act. 
  • An external Socio-Economic Development Unit to assist public and private entities in their compliance with the amended B-BBEE Act. 
  • An external Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) function to assist companies with their skills development planning and needs.
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